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A Small Orange Hosting Reviews

With high-speed hardware and customer-centric approach, A Small Orange has been helping website owners build a successful online presence through various hosting plans that are optimised for their needs.

A Small Orange is moved by an astute purpose to deliver what is important and discard the extra. Their hosting plans come with limited bandwidth and storage, but then they are priced accordingly. They know that majority of websites does not need unlimited space or bandwidth; so why not charge customers only for what they use? This brilliant concept by A Small Orange enables customers to stretch every dollar and squeeze out maximum benefits from their hosting plan.

ASO aims to enhance their customers’ experience with a concoction of technical innovations, such as an easy-to-use cPanel and integrated templates and tools. The techies at ASO have also built their own WordPress templates to give customers the prerogative to create a website that’s unique to their specifications.

A Small Orange is rated highly by customers and critics alike. Because the company emphasizes customer-relationships and homegrown web hosting, one can expect warm welcomes and reliable services at a pocket-friendly price.

Their data centers are conveniently located in the states of Texas and Michigan, from where they deliver the best possible connectivity and speed.

When it comes to customer support, A Small Orange is a caring host. With ASO’s 24/7 responsive support, you will never find yourself stuck in a bad hosting situation for a long time.

Great pricing, excellent service and a strong assurance of support are everything a customer needs and everything ASO provides.

  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee : That's the kind of assurance you can rarely expect from a hosting provider in today's highly competitive environment, but A Small Orange is confident about their services to a point where they are ready to give their customers ample time to try first and then make a decision.
  • 60 days of trial run : A Small Orange focuses on attraacting new customers and retaining the existing ones, which is evident from their 60 days of trial pack that runs across small, medium and large hosting plans.
  • Weebly Website Builder : You can choose from over 100 templates to design your website, which will run smoothly on both desktop and hand-held devices.
  • 99.9% Uptime and free domain with annual plans
  • Pay only for what you use
  • No unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • ASO's reins are held by EIG, which does not share the same value and outlook towards customers as ASO does.
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A Small Orange is driven by a purpose to deliver speedy and secure performance to its customers. All of their hosting plans are based on a technology that utilizes SSD servers. As a result, customers get 15 times faster page loads and a reliable platform to host their website.

A Small Orange keeps people first, whether it's employees or customers, anyone and everyone at A Small Orange is treated with respect and is listened to. That's one of the factors that might not matter at the surface, but deep down, it plays an important role in ensuring quality service and customer satisfaction.

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