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BoldGrid Hosting Reviews

BoldGrid offers the next-level website building experience by leveraging the power and functionality of WordPress. It’s a drag and drop tool, with tons of templates and plug-ins, helping beginners and experts build a customized online presence in a snap. Although the website builder is absolutely free, you will have to create a paid hosting account separately in order to get maximum benefit out of the package.

Content Management Systems are quite popular among website owners but involve a complex set-up process. While on the other hand, the simplicity of a website builder is tempting enough but it’s limited by its features.

BoldGrid offers the best of both worlds by combining these two to enable you to build and manage your CMS with an easy drag-and-drop tool.

It’s fairly simple and straightforward to get started on this. Download the BoldGrid software for free, install the Inspirations plugin and start creating feature-packed, dynamic websites right away. Not only this, BoldGrid gives you the industry-specific design, features and content (which you can change later) so that you can steer your online presence in the right direction.

Once your website’s layout is ready, you can customize fonts and colours to give it a personal touch and all the features that you want. After tuning it up, you can preview your website so that any error can be rectified before it goes live.

BoldGrid offers fully responsive themes that enable your website to run seamlessly on all devices, regardless the operating system or browser. The themes are grouped based on different niches, such as Real Estate, Photography, Interior designers and more. If you are unable to locate a suitable theme for your business, you can pick any of the available theme that’s close to your niche and then customize it to fit your purpose.

  • Free of Cost - Where majority of website builders charge a monthly or one-time fee for the responsive templates and convenience of building a customized website, BoldGrid offers all of this and much more, free of cost.
  • BoldGrid makes setting up a WordPress website a lot easier than ever.
  • You can have a full preview of your website before publishing it in order to curb any error at the development stage.
  • You can easily put up picture gallery and enquiry forms as well as control how they function.
  • Plenty of free video tutorials and guides available for customers
  • 90-day Money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated customer support is not available. In case you get stuck in the middle of the website building process, you are on your own to find the way out.
  • Drag and Drop tools for eCommerce are not available
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Creating websites with BoldGrid takes out the guesswork and guides you through the process like walking through the aisle of a shopping store. Everything lies in the plain sight. Pick what you need. Implement, build and enjoy a fully functional online presence.

With BoldGrid, you will get the convenience of a website builder and world-class features of one of the most popular Content Management Systems. This super combination enables beginners and experts to develop a customized web presence in a jiffy.

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