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Godaddy Hosting Reviews


A renowned website host, GoDaddy has been all over the space with its long-standing credibility. GoDaddy is a name that has become synonymous with website hosting in many parts of the world. Their services are strongly recommended by professional website developers to small, medium and big businesses who want to create a robust online presence on a budget.

GoDaddy gets you off the ground with a unique domain name and offers resourceful tools to help you build a scalable website, which can grow bigger and better with seamless upgrades. With Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting as options, GoDaddy lets you choose the kind that meets your current needs and promises unlimited scope in the future.

GoDaddy is all things for all customers, from beginners to tech-savvy and everyone in between. GoDaddy offers a choice of user-interface to its customers. If you want to keep it as simple as it can be, go with the user-friendly cPanel, but if you are one of those tech-savvy customers who want maximum out of your hosting service, you will want to go with Plesk control panels along with administrative access to take full control of everything there is.

Customer support has always been one of the main highlights of GoDaddy’s service. Their experts are readily available to assist customers with their hosting-related concerns via phone and email ticket system, 24/7. The moment you host your site on GoDaddy, the round-the-clock monitoring kicks in to make sure things are progressing the way they should. Besides, they also keep an eye on websites that share the server space with you so that your website doesn’t suffer because of someone else’s  misdoings.

Website security is another area where GoDaddy scores highly. They have set up a dedicated team for this purpose, because they understand how important ongoing support is to the customer as well as their own image. Their award-winning DDoS protection and 24/7 monitoring shield your website from malicious bots or any  kind of unauthorized access.

Server Performance

With long-standing credibility in the hosting world, GoDaddy takes the market by storm with its advanced infrastructure and old-school values. Not only do you get fast and reliable servers, but also 24/7 server monitoring to make sure your website is fast and secure at all times. Their round-the-clock monitoring is beneficial for clients using shared servers in the sense that the collective bandwidth is equally utilised by all and exploited by none.

Average hosting uptime

GoDaddy has built a reputation on its performance first and service later. This is not to belittle their service, as it is equally fantastic with Media Temple on board, but their performance deserves a special mention when it comes to hosting up time. GoDaddy ventures to guarantee a 99.9% hosting uptime across all hosting plans, which is on a par with industry’s best standards.

Webpage Speed test

GoDaddy might do a humble brag with their industry-leading webpage speed, but we didn’t want to take it on its face value. It’s easier to make tall claims than performing, and with that sceptical approach, we decided to run a webpage speed test on GoDaddy’s hosting. We were impressed by the results as many times we ran the test. We are glad to find out that the performance remained consistent in terms of page load speed.

Results Image


Server Response Time

GoDaddy maintains an impressive server response time for client websites. To give you a perspective, a blogging website hosted on GoDaddy would load in less than 3 seconds, and if your website is not that resource-heavy and is free from unnecessary plug-ins, it could load in as low as 1.75 seconds. We also ran a test to measure Server Response Time on one of our websites hosted on GoDaddy, and the results are here.

Results Image


Choice of server locations

GoDaddy has a widespread network of data centres across the world, providing maximum performance to every client on board, no matter from which part of the world. With over 37000 servers planted across 9 data centres, the choice is extensive for you. GoDaddy owns a datacenter in Arizona while leases the remaining eight in Singapore, Illinois, Virginia, California and the Netherlands.

Resource protection / Security Options

Ensuring the security of a website is a full-time job which GoDaddy handles pretty well. With round-the-clock server monitoring, your website will be up and running without a lag or glitch. They also protect your website from malicious bots and hackers with DDoS protection.

Their dedicated security team does not stop here. They also monitor the bandwidth usage on shared servers so that your website’s performance does not suffer due to someone else’s misdoing.


You can integrate the world-renowned content delivery network by Cloudflare with your website to give your visitors from a distant part of the planet fast access and browsing experience similar to local users. GoDaddy’s liaison with Cloudflare makes it easier for website owners to maintain a steady in-flow of happy visitors from all parts of the world.

Hotlink protection

Hotlink protection is a standard feature that GoDaddy provides to keep other websites from living off your bandwidth. With HotLink Protection enabled on your website, no other website will be able to link directly to any media content on your website.

SSL Certificate

While an SSL Certificate has become the inevitable hosting component, GoDaddy has not yet launched it across all their hosting plans. You will get a free SSL Certificate with GoDaddy’s Ultimate hosting plan in the shared environment, as well as across all VPS and Dedicated plans. This is to say that if you purchase Economy or Deluxe plan of the shared hosting, you will not have a free SSL Certificate included in the plan. Also, the free SSL Certificate available with other plans expires after one year, and you will have to pay to continue using it.

SSH access

The servers of GoDaddy come with a pre-installed OpenSSH, and you can start using it after a quick configuration process to keep your VPS or Dedicated server account safe. It’s easy to set up SSH keys using cPanel, and anyone with a basic knowledge of managing a hosting account can do that.

Two-factor authentication

GoDaddy protects your account with two-factor authentication which makes you doubly sure that your hosting account is fully protected against hacking. If anyone tries to gain access to your account without your permission, the Two-factor authentication will definitely give them a tough time.

Load Test

So far, we have learnt about GoDaddy’s extensive network of servers that they don’t bend under the sudden increase in traffic. Usually, it’s the Shared hosting that bears the brunt of the increased load, but thanks to GoDaddy’s intelligent load distribution, your website can use the idle bandwidth for the time being. However, this is not the ideal thing to do because the availability of unused bandwidth is not always guaranteed. We tested one of the dummy websites hosted on GoDaddy by gradually sending traffic to it, and here’s how it performed.

Results Image

Hosting Features

GoDaddy is one of the leading hosting services in terms of webpage speed, but does it offer enough features to be regarded as a one-stop hosting solution? Let’s find out.

GoDaddy lives in the admiration of beginners and tech-savvy customers alike. The reason being award-winning security and industry-leading webpage speed. Giving it a closer look, we found out that GoDaddy offers WordPress-optimised hosting packages that deliver better performance and take you by the easiest path to manage your website.

With 1-click CMS installs and easy eCommerce set-up, you don’t have to look outside of GoDaddy’s hosting environment for any which feature to establish a robust online presence.

Beginner-Friendly Web Host / Easy to Use

Everything that you might need to tinker with as a beginner is pretty much simple to understand and go about. With their latest user interface which is the most simplified one up to this day, clients not only love to set up their websites with GoDaddy but also plan to stay with them as their websites grow.

Backups & Restore

Losing your website’s data is extremely painful, especially when you know it’s going to cost you a lot of time and money to start building from scratch. Thanks to GoDaddy’s daily backup service and 1-click restores, you will never have to worry about losing your crucial data again.

Flexible Hosting Choices

GoDaddy offers various hosting plans, as well as the flexibility to move between them. Whether you want to start small or take a bigger leap, GoDaddy’s hosting choices have got you covered. GoDaddy’s hosting plans are smartly curated to cater to a broad spectrum of users, and there’s one for every requirement, from small websites to personal blogging to business websites and everything in between.

Integrations and Apps, and eCommerce Features

1-click apps make the hosting experience a more pleasant and powerful one. GoDaddy relies on over 125+ third-party apps and plug-ins to enhance their customers’ experience. This is one of the few areas where GoDaddy doesn’t put a price tag.

Migration Policy

In case you feel stuck with a sub-par hosting service, or simply want to explore options, GoDaddy should lie somewhere on your list of top 5. With a 1-click migration widget, you can switch over to GoDaddy, get a temporary domain to test your website, and finally point it to your domain name once everything turns out well.

Upgrade Policy

Upgrade is inevitable for a majority of hosting users and so is the downgrade should things go south. GoDaddy can help you with both. Not only can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan, but you can also customize it to your preference. It takes around 24 hours or less to effect the change. In case it does not, you can always get in touch with customer support for help.

Unlimited Hosting or Not

GoDaddy offers unlimited, or as they call it on their website, unmetered bandwidth with all its hosting plans. Even for disk space, there is only a 100GB restriction for their “economy” plans, and the other two plans offer unlimited disk space. The catch is, for each plan that you subscribe, there are certain “terms” with which, if your website fails to comply, you will be asked to upgrade to a better plan. While some may view this as unfair, this is a great strategy to ensure a few unethical websites are not affecting the performance of thousands of ethical ones on the same server.

SSD storage

GoDaddy never fails to impress customers and make peers drop their jaws, with dedicated WordPress website servers which are built on super-efficient SSD Storage. For other hosting clients, GoDaddy deploys cPanel, which is a leading industry standard for speed. In both cases, GoDaddy has been able to promise their customers lightning fast load times.

Support NGINX and HTTP/2

GoDaddy is the industry-leader because of two reasons- one, their affordability, and two, their unrelenting commitment to offer their customers only the best. For this reason, unlike a lot of their competitors, GoDaddy offers support for both NGINX servers and HTTP/2.


Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via live chat and email, and even through Twitter. The GoDaddy customer support is one of the best in the business, and specialises in quickly solving queries, and are also overlooked by a strict quality assessment team. Along with world-class support by trained technicians, the GoDaddy website also boasts an extensive resource of hosting related information where most customer queries can be resolved without ever having to contact the support team.


Support Documents  / Video Tutorials / Guides / How To’s

As mentioned in the last section, the GoDaddy website features a definitive resource not only about their plans and services, but about how to make the best use of their hosting service. Combined with a search feature, the resource is certainly a place where most customer queries can be easily resolved.

Live chat support

Live chat support, along with every other form of support from GoDaddy is available 24X7, throughout the year.

Phone Support

Behind the phone support of GoDaddy, is available a team of industry leading customer support technicians that will solve any customer query swiftly and efficiently. The phone support is available throughout the day, 365 days of the year.

Ticketed email system

The ticketed email system offered by GoDaddy is extremely efficient. The support team usually resolves query within 24 hours of registration of complaint and the replies are usually informative and exhaustive.

User forum

The GoDaddy website also boasts an extensive community powered user forum in which, even the technicians of GoDaddy routinely participate. Most queries in the user forum, as any visitor would notice, are resolved.

Billing practice –  whether users can refund or cancel account easily or not

As far as hosting services go, GoDaddy offers competitive refund policies. For monthly paying customers, the refund window closes after 48 hours of making a purchase. On the other hand, for yearly paying customers, refund window is 30 days from the date of purchase. If you fit in one of these criterias, claiming a refund is easy and straightforward.


The pocket-friendly pricing policy of GoDaddy has helped it become the preferred hosting provider for most beginners. With plans starting as cheap as $1/month, no other hosting service on the web is as cost-effective as GoDaddy, especially when the industry-leading load times, website security, and customer support is taken into consideration.

Free Trial

GoDaddy offers a trial period to both monthly-paying users, as well as yearly-paying users. For users that opt for a monthly payment plan, the free trial lasts for 48 hours, for yearly-paying users, its for 30 days. However, unlike conventional free trials, with GoDaddy, you will have to pay the price of your chosen plan upfront, and will be eligible for a full refund within the trial period.

Renewal Rates

When it comes to renewal rates, GoDaddy does what a lot of its competition does. While they offer their services at a discounted price initially, there is no discount when it comes to a renewal. This in no way implies that renewal rates are inflated. However, for a customer that has paid a lower price for the initial service period, the renewal rate may feel like a steep increase in price.

Cross- & Up-selling Practices

GoDaddy uses cPanel for Linux, which is an industry standard when it comes to offering control for a website. That being said, most features and additions are available to GoDaddy users within this cPanel and cross-selling products are available on a as-and-when-needed basis. GoDaddy even offers managed SEO and social media services, along with web design services.

Money Back Guarantee

As mentioned earlier, the GoDaddy money back guarantee only applies within the trial period. To refresh your memory, customers paying by the month are eligible for a refund within 48 hours of making a purchase and users paying by the year are eligible for a refund for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Hosting Plans & Features

When it comes to choosing plans, there is no shortage of options on the GoDaddy website. For smaller customers, that are looking for a shared hosting service, there are three plans available, starting at a dollar per month. For customers that are looking for a VPS or a dedicated hosting service, GoDaddy offers a plan dedicated to both. When we talk about features, GoDaddy is the industry leader with several features that not only ensure a great user experience for their clients, but offer lightning fast loading speeds and a ton of plugins that can make the user experience on a website an absolute delight.


GoDaddy offers five hosting plans that cover all the needs ones may have related to hosting. These are divided into two categories, the popular hosting solutions, and the advanced hosting solutions. Under popular hosting solutions, GoDaddy offers three plans, Web Hosting, Business Hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting. Under advanced hosting plans, there is VPS Hosting and Dedicated hosting available.

Let’s look at each of these plans to get a better understanding of the services offered by GoDaddy:

Web Hosting

GoDaddy’s version of shared hosting, the Web Hosting plan is the most basic type of hosting service offered by the company. Apart from that, the basic shared hosting plan is also the most economical hosting plan available today. At just a dollar a month, the Web Hosting plan of GoDaddy offers enormous value:


Plans/Features Starter Economy Deluxe Ultimate
Number of websites 1 1 Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
Storage 30 GB 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Business email N/A Free for first year Free for first year Free for first year
Subdomains N/A N/A Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificate N/A N/A N/A Free for first year
Premium DNS N/A N/A N/A Yes
Databases 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB Unlimited


The pricing factor of these plans, combined with the sheer amount of features offered, have enabled GoDaddy to become the leading hosting solution provider in the World.

Business Web Hosting

As the name suggests, these hosting plans are designed while keeping online businesses in mind. Each of the plans at least support multiple basic websites. Let’s look at what each of these plans have on offer:


Plans/Features Launch Enhance Grow Expand
Storage 60 GB 90 GB 120 GB 150 GB
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
CPUs 1 CPU 2 CPUs 3 CPUs 4 CPUs
Traffic Restriction None None None None
Number of supported websites and databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes


The business web hosting plans are a step ahead from the basic web hosting plans offered by GoDaddy. While these are good for new and flourishing businesses on the web, GoDaddy recommends one of their more advanced plans for enterprise level organisations.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Yet another specialised hosting solution by GoDaddy, the managed WordPress solution is perfect for bloggers and small website owners that want to take their web presence to the next level. Industry-leading pricing, combined with superb ease of use make the managed WordPress by GoDaddy, one of the best in the market today.


Plans/Features Basic Deluxe Ultimate
Mobile-friendly themes Yes Yes Yes
Drag-n-drop page editor Yes Yes Yes
Online store Yes Yes Yes
Social-media sharing Yes Yes Yes
Email marketing Yes Yes Yes
Free domain Yes Yes Yes
Free business email Yes Yes Yes
SEO Wizard N/A Yes Yes
Staging Sites N/A One Two
SSL Certificate N/A N/A Free for one year
Website Security Essentials N/A N/A Yes


As you can see, the managed WordPress plans offer more than just a hosting service. These plans are designed to make it easier for website owners to concentrate on what they are good at, while GoDaddy takes care of much of the internet marketing part.

VPS Hosting

While the VPS hosting plans at GoDaddy are priced competitively, they offer limited features. However, for the right price, webmasters can unlock exclusive features as well.

Plans/Features Launch Enhance Grow Expand
CPU Cores 1 2 3 4
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
Storage 40 GB 60 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Root Access 1 Dedicated IP 1 Dedicated IP 1 Dedicated IP 1 Dedicated IP
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
SSL Certificate Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year


Dedicated Hosting

Meant for websites that mean serious business, the dedicated hosting offered by GoDaddy is designed to deliver power and speed, while offering industry-leading comfort and ease of use.


Plans/Features Economy Value Deluxe Ultimate
CPU Cores 4 @ 3.1 GHz 4 @ 3.1 GHz 4 @ 3.1 GHz 4 @ 3.1 GHz
Memory 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
RAID-1 Storage 1 TB 1.5 TB 2 TB 2 TB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Dedicated IPs 3 3 3 3
SSL Certificate Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year Free for 1 year


While the dedicated hosting plans are obviously leaning towards the expensive side, they are available with heavy discounts for first time GoDaddy customers.

Other Services

Online Marketing

Meant for smaller website owners that are simply starting their online journey, the online marketing plans offered by GoDaddy ensure decent visibility for an economical price. Under online marketing, GoDaddy offers two services, SEO tools and email marketing. SEO tools consist of a keyword research tool, rank tracking, on-page optimisation tools, and helps businesses automatically submit updated sitemaps to search engines. On the other hand, the email marketing service has 4 plans, which are as follows:


Plans/Features Beginner Up & Running Pro
Subscriber Limit 500 2,500 5,000
Emails 5,000/month 25,000/month 50,000/month
Sign Up Forms Single Unlimited Unlimited
Professional templates Yes Yes Yes
Mobile-friendly designs Yes Yes Yes
Unsubscribe handling Yes Yes Yes
Automated email campaigns N/A Yes Yes
Converts blog posts to email N/A Yes Yes
Unsubscribe options N/A Yes Yes
Date-triggered emails N/A N/A Yes
Record signup IPs N/A N/A Yes
Share statistics w/others N/A N/A Yes


Professional Email Service

The professional email service is great, especially for those who choose to opt for the cheaper plans offered by GoDaddy. It is no secret that a professional ‘’ email address is extremely crucial if you want to lure in more customers, and GoDaddy offers these at a steal! The email service by GoDaddy comes with a 10GB storage per user, along with 24/7 support, and an ad-free experience.



GoDaddy has built a strong reputation in the hosting industry, and they are working hard every day to maintain it that way. Their shared hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB storage come at an unbeatable price of $1 per month, making it the number 1 choice for beginners who want to get the feel of owning a website.

With a great user-interface that keeps improving on a regular basis, you will always find yourself returning to GoDaddy for a better experience. Last but not the least, their industry-leading uptime and page load speeds set them class apart from competitor hosts.


  • 9% Uptime
  • Free domain with annual hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Reliable customer support and dedicated security
  • Choice of control panels for beginners and advance-level customers
  • World-class page load speed
  • 30-Day Money-back guarantee
  • Hosting available for both Linux and Windows



  • No live chat
  • Will Charge for restoration
  • Limited MySQL Database for Economy and Deluxe plans



Q1: Do I get Windows hosting with GoDaddy?

Ans: Yes, Windows hosting plans are also available on the GoDaddy website.

Q2: Does GoDaddy provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space?

Ans: While there is no limit on the bandwidth in any of the plans offered by GoDaddy, they enforce a restriction of the available disk space. The amount of disk space available usually varies with different plans.

Q3: Is there any Site Transfer fee if I switch to GoDaddy from a different host?

Ans: Yes, GoDaddy does charge a transfer fee if you are migrating from a different host. For basic websites, this fee is $7.99 per website. However, this fee also gets you a year’s worth of extension on their services.

Q4: Do I get SSL certificate with GoDaddy?

Ans: Free SSL certificate is available for the first year with some of the plans offered by GoDaddy.


Q5: How can I contact GoDaddy?

Ans: The GoDaddy support team is available 24/7, throughout the year, through email, chat, Twitter, and phone.

Q6: Does GoDaddy offer a website builder?

Ans: Yes, GoDaddy has a website builder called the GoCentral, which comes with the standard drag and drop features. The website builder lets users adjust their website’s colours, fonts, text styles, and more.


  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Free domain with annual hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Reliable customer support and dedicated security
  • Choice of control panels for beginners and advance-level customers
  • World-class page load speed
  • 30-Day Money-back guarantee
  • Hosting available for both Linux and Windows
  • No live chat
  • Will Charge for restoration
  • Limited MySQL Database for Economy and Deluxe plans
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GoDaddy has built a strong reputation in the hosting industry, and they are working hard every day to maintain it that way. Their shared hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB storage come at an unbeatable price of $1 per month, making it the number 1 choice for beginners who want to get the feel of owning a website.  

With a great user-interface that keeps improving on a regular basis, you will always find yourself returning to GoDaddy for a better experience. Last but not the least, their industry-leading uptime and page load speeds set them class apart from competitor hosts.

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