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Hivelocity Hosting Reviews

With over 15 years of presence in the industry, Hivelocity is ripe with hosting features that your business-oriented website needs. With Hivelocity, dedicated hosting gets bigger and better, because that’s the only thing they do and do best. Hivelocity takes one part performance, two parts control and an equal measure of value and security, puts it all together to teleport you to the hosting paradise.

Hivelocity does the heavy lifting to ensure a rich, customized hosting environment for your website to thrive in. If all you need is an unmatched dedicated hosting plan with value-added services, Hivelocity is your go-to place.

99.999% uptime, stellar on-site support and bare-metal dedicated servers, equals hosting awesomeness on a different level. Try it to believe. You will not be disappointed.

Hivelocity started small like any business in the world and has grown up to this day where they have data centers across Los Angeles and Southeastern US, spanning 65000 sq. ft. That’s where their team works day in day out to give you a seamless hosting experience, regardless the size of your website.

Hivelocity has a network of dedicated and cloud hosting service reaching out to customers across 130 countries and counting. Catering to masses requires huge infrastructure, like for example thousands of servers and a bunch of data centers that are equipped to accommodate more. Hivelocity has it all and much more. Clearly, it belongs to the upper echelon of hosting providers.

As mentioned above the astonishing uptime of 99.999%, you might think there’s no room to overdeliver. Well, think again, because Hivelocity has been consistently delivering 100% uptime for 3 years in a row. Did you see that coming? Frankly, we did not.

We hate to bear the bad news but there’s no money-back guarantee in here. However, looking at the bright side, with such high-performance hosting, who would want their money back?

  • 240 GB to 6.4 TB SSD disk space to provide reliable storage for your website and its content
  • Scalable Cloud Hosting with custom configurations Available
  • 99.999% uptime, which is far and beyond industry's standards
  • 24/7 support via phone, live chat and email ticketing system
  • Free guides and tutorials
  • 10 GB of cloud storage – free of cost
  • A great choice for established businesses who want to take their online presence up a notch
    FREE inbound bandwidth
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Offers only dedicated and cloud hosting
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Hivelocity's stack of services has speed, reliability and cutting-edge innovation at the top and there's a lot more to appreciate as you explore further. DDoS protection, rapid restore, Firewall, SSL certificates and what not, Hivelocity comes fully prepared to give you an outstanding dedicated hosting experience like no other.

Their customer support is highly responsive and is available at all hours, so you are never stranded with a serious hosting issue for more a minute. In case there's some issue with the hardware, which is rare, the company will have it replaced within 2 hours, free of cost.

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