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WebHostingBluebook.com Terms of Use
  1. WebHostingBluebook.com is an Internet service provided for your use and information. The service is provided without any warranty, either expressed or implied. WebHostingBluebook.com claims no responsibility when using any of our services. When using WebHostingBluebook.com services you do so at your own risk. Though we believe our services are superior, you agree that WebHostingBluebook.com is not held responsible for and damages or loses by using any of our services.

  2. WebHostingBluebook.com’s hit counters are provided free of charge to our customers. If you use one of our hit counters, we require that they are all placed on public pages and not to be used on password protected pages. We believe in the accuracy of our counters, but WebHostingBluebook.com does not guarantee reliability. By using the service, you agree not to alter the counter code and we reserve the right to deactivate any that are altered. Use of the hit counter may be terminated at any time, either by you as the user or us as the provider without prior notice to it become deactivated. You as the user must agree not to use the counter on any generally offensive site, and we reserve the right to discontinue any counters used on any site we deem offensive or illegal.

  3. You agree by using our free hit counter hosting services that WebHostingBluebook.com has the right to place a link to your website or web page from our recent free hit counter sign up's page.

  4. The trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on this site are registered and unregistered trademarks of WebHostingBluebook.com or others and may not be copied, displayed or reproduced in any way. For additional information, contact WebHostingBluebook.com.

  5. CopyRight - All content on WebHostingBluebook.com is copyrighted under the jurisdiction of Utah. WebHostingBluebook.com prohibits coping of our copyrighted content of any kind.

Last Updated, April 17, 2013

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