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Start your website on a good note and free of cost with Wix. Once your website is set in motion, upgrade to a plan of your choice to embroider your online presence with stunning designs and features. Wix is a user-friendly site builder and probably one of the best ways to bypass conventional website design and development methods.
With a choice of hundreds of templates and responsive themes, Wix gives you a nearly personalized site building experience at a fraction of the development time and cost. Not only this, Wix is constantly adding to their trove of features to give their customers more freedom and flexibility to craft their website their way.
Wix is an industry leader with its top-of-the-line features and extremely user-friendly interface that enable beginners with little tech knowledge to make the most of this platform. The design and customization options are so detailed and intuitive that you can set up a unique website easily, and it will be ready with everything that you want, before you know it.
Explore thousands of templates based on categories suited to your niche and business. Alongside websites and personal blogs, you can create an online store with payment gateways and all things essentials to get your store up and running. Wix also enables you to create subcategories to list your products in an organized fashion, allowing for fast and easy site navigation.
At first, the interface might seem overwhelming because its functionality outperforms that of other drag and drop site builders on the market, but you’ll get used to it eventually.
You wished for a fully customized website without getting caught up in the vicious cycle of coding-testing-coding – consider your prayers answered. Wix allows you to customize every aspect of your website to match the picture in your mind.
The most important thing after creating a website is to get it noticed by your target audience, and you don’t have to run from post to pillar for that. Simply use the Wix SEO Wizard to give your website the perfect launch into the online world so as to stick the perfect landing on the SERPs. Their SEO Wizard works in an incredible manner. They offer relevant insights to let you know how many visitors are being sent to your website and how many of them are completing desired call to action.

A fully functional website is a burning necessity nowadays for big and small businesses alike. Even if you are someone working as a freelancer or wanting to promote something you are good at, a website offers the easiest way out. And when it comes to creating a website, Wix is one of the best platforms to sign up with. It’s easy to use, intuitive and offers thousands of themes to help you create a customized website on a budget.

  • Sign up for free using Facebook or email
  • Simple drag and drop features
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Ideal for websites, blogs and online stores
  • Thousands of sleek themes
  • SEO Wizard to give your website the advertising advantage at the time of launch
  • $300 credits in ads
  • A bit expensive
  • Switching to an entirely new template is not possible
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